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Get Carter music

Get Carter has a style of rhythm and boogie blues that rocks and entertains across the spectrum

It’s a devilishly clever set gleaned from artists in London, Melbourne, New Orleans, France, Belfast and a little independent record store round the corner in Faversham

Many songs covered have their roots in Blues but all are chosen for dance rhythm and lyrics

Standards are covered when good arrangements make them exciting, and are often not the obvious choices




Listen to the string breaking tension of Gary Moore punched out nice and loud, Peter Green sweet and soulful

Black Foot Sue & Spin Doctors or Morphine for a good hit of Baritone Saxophone

Enjoy a definitive collection of Australian funky blues by Jimi Hocking & Lloyd Speigal, Geoff Achinson, Jeff Lloyd, The Detonators & the sexy Annie Piper

The smoky Jazz style of the Mojo Band and the Cajun style of the Delta Billy Boys shouldn't be missed

Why not sample some Nine Below Zero attitude or relish the arrangements of Billy Boy with The Strutts

These, amongst other carefully chosen new and classic tracks,
comprise the music for our sets

You may not have heard of all these artists but be assured you will want to hear more

Well known numbers pepper our set though generally not the same tired playlist as everyone else

There are far too many years of experienced playing in this band for you not to have a great time

Yes we play for you to have fun

Yes we play at a volume to suit you - we have a volume control and know how to use it

Yes we can learn to play your favorite song on request at time of booking

Yes we are great value for money with our own high fidelity sound system, light show and engineer

Yes we can also bring 60 gigabytes of backing tracks to use for a Karaoke session at your event

You can dance to us, just sit and be entertained by us, be amused at the virtuosity of each member, be regaled with the range and depth of the material with male and female lead vocal and also join in on the refrain

What you won't be is bored by or disappointed by material heard a hundred times before

Be bold, be adventurous, be different, deviate from the norm
Book Get Carter & have a great time





  What our kids say about us...      





My Mum is so clever, like a mummy with two heads,
She makes me go in boring Roman towers, (1066 and all that)
And do worksheets in Rupert Bear museums,
When I should be eating sweets.

My Dad plays in a band,
And at weekends we have to lay in a field,
Listening to loud, vibrating music.
When it rains, us kids eat chips in the band van,
And it smells of sweaty guitar strings and kebab wrappers,
And the adults drink beer in a beer tent.

While I should be (aged nine) playing with my kittens,
Going swimming lessons and eating sweets and watching videos
And visiting my nanny,
This would be normal, but this is not what happens.

Mind you, I did win a giant teddy bear in a field once,
(And my Grandad crashed into Graham’s car)
And I get ice cream
And after the Rupert Bear museum
We had a slap-up tea in Cafe Rouge!

I also know all the words to ‘Choo Choo Ch Boogie’,
Which you never know, might be really useful one day.

Georgina Hibbert (9)