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Mr Gig - Excellent Guide to Live Music in East Kent, Maidstone & Medway

Local Bands

Seager & Carter - Terry is also in a duo with great guitarist Gary Seager - not to be missed!

Luna Blues - When not playing with Get Carter Terry and Nick back the upcoming and very talented Leanne fronting the band

Loose Change - Terry's old local soul band, still going strong and playing great gigs

Avanzi - Our old guitarist Graham's current band playing classic covers

European Artists we like

The Hampsters - a particular favourite UK band of Graham and Nick

Aynsley Lister - classic British blues talent

Ian Parker - saw him at Jazz festival in Ireland - wonderful guitar and voice

MoJo Band - some fantastic harp playing by Xavier from northern France

Ana Popovic - Netherlands-based 'smoky' crooner

Australian favourites

Geoff Achison - One of Get Carter's many influences

Jimi Hocking - Yet another great artist and Get Carter influence

Lloyd Spiegel - And yet another

Anni Piper - And this one is a woman

Fiona Boys - we just love the lyrics of this saucy Auzzie lady!

Detonators - a great Australian uptempo rockabilly band

North American Artists

Sue Foley - and we have some Canadian female influence too

Keb Mo - perfection - we haven't found a song we didn't like

Gumbohead - Cajun fusion band from St Louis, Louisiana

Jeremy Lyons - can make a guitar sound like a chicken - liked him ever since!

Ken Swartz - met him in a bar on Frenchman Street, New Orleans

Roxanne Potvin - recently discovered on a Blues Caravan compilation album

King Johnson - Adult Contemporary Roots Rock Blues Jazz Funk

Billy Ebeling - yet another great US blues artist

Blues Traveler - phenomenal harp playing...

The Blues Band - chairman of the National Harmonica League